Use ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, Bing Copilot and more chatbots simultaneously

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Chat and Compare
Chat with multiple LLMs and compare their results side by side.
Use GPT-4 model via ChatGPT Plus or your OpenAI API key.
Prompt Library
Manage custom prompts and learn from community prompts.
Quick Launch
Activate the app anywhere in the browser with a keyboard shortcut.
Rich Text
Render markdown and code blocks with syntax highlighting.
Chat History
Conversations are saved automatically on local device and searchable.
Export and Import
Export and import all your prompts and conversations.
Dark Mode
Toggle between light and dark mode.
Web Access
Improving accuracy by searching up-to-date information from the internet

Frequently asked questions

    • What is ChatHub?

      ChatHub is a browser extension that makes you use multiple chatbots simultaneously.

    • What chatbots does ChatHub support?

      ChatHub currently supports ChatGPT, Bing, Google Gemini, Claude and 10+ open-source chatbots.

    • Is ChatHub open-source?

      Yes, ChatHub is open-source, you can find the source code on GitHub.

    • What browsers does ChatHub support?

      ChatHub works on all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Brave etc.

    • Is ChatHub free?

      Yes, most features of ChatHub is free to use, and we also have a premium plan.

    • What is ChatHub Premium?

      ChatHub Premium is a paid plan that unlocks all premium features of ChatHub.

Join 200,000+ happy users